God’s War (Operational) Plan

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Updated Oct 6, 2022

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For the military members and veterans that may be Christians or others that may be interested, have you ever thought of the Bible from a military perspective as God’s war plan for saving humanity with a clear intent for guiding our behavior in support of his plan?

The “So What?” is that the military perspective does offer a frame of reference for supporting the Great Commission in raising awareness that a sincere belief and acceptance of Jesus Christ leads to salvation — eternal life.

The military decision-making process begins with a mission and commander’s intent, followed by an analysis of the mission. Mission analysis includes identifying the facts, assumptions, constraints, resources, and risks, along with the stated, implied, and essential tasks. This leads to identifying the best courses of action and a plan. Assessing the effects of the plan and making needed adjustments is also part of the process. What is working, what is not, and what changes might be needed?

Surveys by the Barna Group, Gallup, and others identify declining trends and variations in what is considered a biblical worldview. A belief in God and church attendance have also been declining. And, similar to the U.S. Constitution, some Christians believe that the Bible can be considered a “living document” that can be interpreted to fit with the times.

Variation is a natural part of God’s creation and represents the difference between the ideal (a more perfect outcome) and the actual situation. An implied and essential task includes reducing the variation from the ideal. This is done by taking action motivated by love that results in more needs being met.

When considering the need for improvement, a good question is, “By what method? The military decision-making processes can be applied to almost any situation.


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