Deming’s Philosophy

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Linkedin Post – Reply from a post from the Deming Insitute

Deming’s philosophy represents a secular approach to improvement. Deming was a devout Christian and reinforced that improvement “all has to do with reducing variation.” This is a biblical-based principle.

Variation is a natural part of creation and represents the difference between “perfection” – the ideal or target, and imperfection. God’s description of perfection is that all needs are met – the Garden of Eden is an example. Jesus is the standard of perfection. A sincere belief and acceptance of Christ lead to salvation – eternal life – a perfect degree of variation.

Deming recognized the value of Shewhart’s work in managing and reducing variation which is validated by the Taguchi Loss Function. Deming also reinforced: “Anything less than optimization (more perfect) of the whole system will bring eventual loss to every component in the system.”

The So What? An awareness of the foundation for Deming’s philosophy can support more successful applications. For instance, a wider understanding of the variation principle may help develop an understanding within society as to why the use of grades in schools can be destructive, counter productive and suboptimal.

Additional context provided at the following: Success ThroughQuality


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