Would Have Been Branded a Domestic Extremist Today?

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Yes, Jesus Would Have Been Branded a Domestic Extremist Today, By John & Nisha Whitehead, December 19, 2022

“The modern-day church has largely shied away from applying Jesus’ teachings to modern problems such as war, poverty, immigration, etc., but thankfully there have been individuals throughout history who ask themselves and the world: what would Jesus do.” One thing Jesus would continue to do is take action motivated by love that reduces variation from the ideal resulting in more needs being met. Variation is a natural part of creation and represents the gap between “more perfect” and the current situation. A summary of the concept and methods for reducing variation at the following: https://successthroughquality.com/

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Less than half the population in England and Wales now describe themselves as Christians

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‘I couldn’t pretend any more’: readers on why they left the Christian faith, The Guardian, Dec 2, 2022. Readers respond to the census finding that England and Wales are now minority Christian countries

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Are we learning anything yet? Another survey that reinforces the decline in the belief in Christianity. As with similar surveys, the results are unlikely to lead to a realization by most that the messengers are not communicating the right message. How about considering a new perspective, e.g.,

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” (Romans 12: 2, NIV).

Variability is an integral element of God’s design for man and nature, e.g., everyone and everything will always be unique – one of a kind. Variation represents the gap between “perfection” – where all needs are met, and the current situation. The Christian message can be reduced to just a few words: “ It all has to do with reducing variation.”

The quality profession, which supports a secular approach to improvement, has identified through the Taguchi Loss Function that reducing variation from the ideal (more perfect) results in better quality and lower costs to the individual and society. The hypothesis can be validated through a simple question:

Do you want better quality at a lower cost or the same level of quality at a higher cost?

The dilemma for the non-believers is that if you no longer believe in Christianity, will you still expect better quality?   

Deming’s Philosophy

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Deming’s philosophy represents a secular approach to improvement. Deming was a devout Christian and reinforced that improvement “all has to do with reducing variation.” This is a biblical-based principle.

Variation is a natural part of creation and represents the difference between “perfection” – the ideal or target, and imperfection. God’s description of perfection is that all needs are met – the Garden of Eden is an example. Jesus is the standard of perfection. A sincere belief and acceptance of Christ lead to salvation – eternal life – a perfect degree of variation.

Deming recognized the value of Shewhart’s work in managing and reducing variation which is validated by the Taguchi Loss Function. Deming also reinforced: “Anything less than optimization (more perfect) of the whole system will bring eventual loss to every component in the system.”

The So What? An awareness of the foundation for Deming’s philosophy can support more successful applications. For instance, a wider understanding of the variation principle may help develop an understanding within society as to why the use of grades in schools can be destructive, counter productive and suboptimal.

Additional context provided at the following: Success ThroughQuality https://lnkd.in/edH5C4d

God’s War (Operational) Plan

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Updated Oct 6, 2022

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For the military members and veterans that may be Christians or others that may be interested, have you ever thought of the Bible from a military perspective as God’s war plan for saving humanity with a clear intent for guiding our behavior in support of his plan?

The “So What?” is that the military perspective does offer a frame of reference for supporting the Great Commission in raising awareness that a sincere belief and acceptance of Jesus Christ leads to salvation — eternal life.

The military decision-making process begins with a mission and commander’s intent, followed by an analysis of the mission. Mission analysis includes identifying the facts, assumptions, constraints, resources, and risks, along with the stated, implied, and essential tasks. This leads to identifying the best courses of action and a plan. Assessing the effects of the plan and making needed adjustments is also part of the process. What is working, what is not, and what changes might be needed?

Surveys by the Barna Group, Gallup, and others identify declining trends and variations in what is considered a biblical worldview. A belief in God and church attendance have also been declining. And, similar to the U.S. Constitution, some Christians believe that the Bible can be considered a “living document” that can be interpreted to fit with the times.

Variation is a natural part of God’s creation and represents the difference between the ideal (a more perfect outcome) and the actual situation. An implied and essential task includes reducing the variation from the ideal. This is done by taking action motivated by love that results in more needs being met.

When considering the need for improvement, a good question is, “By what method? The military decision-making processes can be applied to almost any situation.

Notes: Sept 28, 2022 Bible Study

Cottonwood Church Brown County Indiana

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

A few takeaways from the lesson and discussions:

The Deity of Jesus Christ I AM He Sep 28 2022

Why do good things happen?  Through God’s grace.  The Garden of Eden represented a perfect degree of variation where all needs were met including eternal life.

Why does God allow bad things to happen?  Man was given free will which includes consequences for our actions.  Adam and Eve chose to defy God which introduced sin (imperfection) and death into the world.

God promised that he would give man another chance through the sacrifice of his son – Jesus Christ. All we have to do is have a sincere belief and acceptance of Christ and we will be returned back to the Garden of Eden. (Revelation 22.)

  •  Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.  John 14:6, ESV

A sincere belief in Christ leads to an alighment with the 0 Commandments – which are easier to follow  when you love God and others. Inspirational Bible verses About Love

Free Will.  Given that bad things will happen, we do have control over our reaction to the situation. God has given us the strength to work through it.  For every action, God has provided his saints (believers in Christ) with a purpose, plan, and gifts (capabilities) to provide support.

For instance, given crime, we have saints (police, justice system) working to prevent and respond to events. Given world conflicts and war, we have saints in government and the military to help defend our nation. In the health care area, for illnesses and diseases, we have saints working to prevent, treat and provide support. For the darkest of times in our life, God has given us pastors, friends, family, community and churches to provide support.

  • For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jerimiah 29:11, NIV
  • For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10, NIV
  • Bible Verses about Talent

Variation is an integral part of God’s design and represents the difference between the perfect and the imperfect. God’s guidance includes the fact that actions motivated by love can continually lead to outcomes where more needs are met.  This also results in less harm to people when their needs are not met.    

The quality profession supports a secular approach to improvement and has validated that the closer any product, service, contribution, et.al., get to the ideal (perfection) or target, the higher the quality and the lower the cost (tangible and intangible) to the individual and society. (Ref: Taguchi Loss Function)

Additional information and context on the topic from a quality perspective:  SuccessThroughQuality  Excellent quality is the result of doing the right things.


resulted in their

Jan 6 Committee Hearings

“… assault of the capital …  by individuals that were told by senior leaders they were doing the right thing … Jan 6 should never happen again ….”

Post from Charles D. Luckey (LTG, USA, Ret)

  • Team: Been a little over a week since the January 6th Committee finished up its first tranche of hearings. Already plenty of probative evidence to assess and reasonable inferences to draw from it; every indication that there is more forthcoming. Good time to reflect on our Constitutional Oath within the context of what happened and why, and to embrace the steps we need to take to ensure it never happens again. Our global competitors/adversaries are counting on us to be consumed with apathy, cynicism and toxic partisanship, and they’ll continue to do their best to sow the seeds of discord. We need to work together to disappoint them. Keep pounding…W/r, Chief

Regarding the “hearings” where the jury, in this case, is intended to be the public, wasn’t this a one-sided process? In a typical “trial,” BOTH sides of the argument are presented, witnesses are cross-examined and challenged, and an impartial “judge” ensures the rules of evidence are followed. The “jury” can then assess all sides of the respective issues and derive a decision.

Regarding retired military officers providing commentary on political matters, the question of “Does it do more good than harm?” comes to mind. What has been the history and doctrine on the issue? This topic was discussed in an article in the Army War College’s Parameters, Spring 2022, “Civil-Military Relations” Guidelines in Politically Charged Societies” by Patrick Paterson.

The elements of national power include   Diplomatic (political), Informational, Military, and Economic. Senior military leaders are expected to be the authority (based on education and experience) on “military” matters. Commentary outside their respective areas of expertise can lead to undermining the respect and confidence citizens should have in the military profession. A recent illustration is the criticisms of Gen Milley’s commentary provided in a resignation letter provided in the Western Journal “Gen. Mark Milley’s Insanely Arrogant 4-Paragraph Resignation Letter to Trump Is Released.

In comparison to the process applied in support of the “Hearings,” the military decision-making process (MDMP) reinforces the need for a balanced and comprehensive methodology which includes the following: Identification of intent and decision criteria followed by an analysis of all the facts, assumption and constraints. Theories are developed as to the best courses of action (decisions). Strengths and weaknesses are identified and debated (wargamed). A decision is then made and consequences are studied through after-action reviews. The process requires the input from every functional area that has to either support or execute the decision. A balanced and objective AAR on the “Hearings” may help reinforce why there is such divisiveness and polarization in the country.

American Gospe;


We believe American culture’s influence on the gospel is a problem, so an “American Gospel” is a distorted, corrupted gospel. That distortion happens when you add to the gospel (promises of “the American dream” of health, wealth, & prosperity), or when you subtract from the gospel (due to the influence of postmodernism, relativism, religious pluralism, etc.). There are currently two AG films in the series with a third in production (see below). We also have a streaming service called AGTV (watchagtv.com) where you can find the AG films along with supporting content, recommended ministries, and other films and series.


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Can the church regain its prophetic voice?

church 2 michael brown 2022_08_03Can the church regain its prophetic voice?  by Michael Brown: ‘We who were called to be shining lights in the darkness failed to shine’

Yes, to the church regaining its prophetic voice.

Additional strategies may be helpful. Variation is a natural part of creation and represents the difference between an ideal and actual situation.

The quality profession, through the Taguchi Loss Function, has validated that the closer any product or service gets to the ideal or target, the higher the quality and the lower the cost to society.

Any actions motivated by a secular or non-secular-based philosophy or method will produce different results.

Surveys developed by Gallup and the Barna Group have documented the long-term and systemic decline in church attendance, a belief in God, and a biblical worldview. Time to try something new? Individuals may lose faith in God, but variation is a constant and either get better or worse. SuccessThroughQuality.com


Christianity, Citizenship, and Quality Management

Gods Insidwes Genesis

2022_05_27 II God’s Insiders Genesis   An alignment of a Biblical Worldview with Quality and Citizenship

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1) And, there was variation.

The Christian community is unaware of the variation principle. The quality profession is unaware of the connection of variation with God. And American citizens are unaware of the fact that working towards a “more perfect Union” requires “We the People” to understand the basic principles of variation to include a more explicit knowledge and understanding of common and special causes of variation.

Christianity, Citizenship, Quality Management Apologetic – Overall Concept and Context

Supporting Information at Success Through Quality – Overview of the quality improvement concepts, history, examples, and applications.

A Way Ahead for America: A secular and non-secular approach to improvement in working to achieve “a more perfect Union supported by the application of the quality imrprovement principles, methods, and tools. Secular – Man defines the ideal; Christianity – God defines the ideal