Project Smith and the 2016 Elections: A New Political Revolution?

Feb 17, 2019.  Pat Caddell: The Pollster Who Foresaw and Helped Shape Trump’s Victory By February 17, 2019 7:35 PM

June 5, 2016. Veteran Pollster and political strategist Patrick Caddell announced the findings from a national research project (“Project Smith”) in February of 2014 that indicated that the current political system was not capable of meeting the expectations of the voters.  A chronology of Project Smith related articles is provided below.

Caddell believes that Project Smith survey findings along with the 2016 presidential election polling and primary results reinforce his belief that the 2016 presidential race represents a new paradigm – a revolution.

From a Quality Leadership perspective, a paradigm can represent a recurring and predictable set of behaviors, e.g., a stable system.  A shift in a paradigm indicates a special cause, e.g.,  that something usual or outside the norm is occurring.  A special cause can be temporary, or it can indicate a shift in the system that will result in a “new normal”.

I  certainly agree that a shift to an improved system is needed. A summary of how the quality philosophy can be applied to improve the system of government is available in my article: Halftime in America, Part 3.

Project Smith: Chronology of Articles 

July 4,  2014, Huffington Post:  “It’s Candidate Smith by a Landslide”,  the American people are being summoned to reclaim that first Revolution

Dec 17, 2015, Breitbart:  Pat Caddell: Country Closer to Revolution  Than EverVeteran pollster Pat Caddell says he agrees with the premise that America today is closer to another revolution than at any time in recent history, adding, “The strength of this country comes from its people and it has a political system that is run, now, to the exclusion of its people …  you have three quarters of the American people saying the government in Washington does not rule with the consent of the governed.”

February 3, 2016, Breitbart: The Smith Project: What Voters Want.  Veteran pollster Pat Caddell’s Armada group has spent the past several years charting the alienation of the American electorate, constructing a fascinating model of what most Americans desire in the ideal political candidate – the great statesman, or stateswoman, voters want for our time.

February 4, 2016,  Huffington Post: What Happened in Iowa? “Is it a revolt?” asked Louis XVI upon being informed of the storming of the Bastille. “No, sire,” sighed his minister “I fear it is a revolution.”

March 11, 2016, Breitbart: Pat Caddell: The American People Have Figured Out They’ve Been Screwed’ by Free Trade. …  “I am telling you, we’re in a new paradigm. This is a revolutionary moment,” he said, describing it as a “historical moment of evolution in our political process” whose outcome could not yet be predicted… especially by politicians and poll-addicted pundits who have misunderstood the Trump-Sanders moment thus far.  

May 4, 2016, Breitbart: Pat Caddell on Trump Victory: Voters led a Hostile Takeover of GOP. “Caddell said voters in the Republican primary have “overturned what they do not like, for a new paradigm.”

June 5, 2016, Why a Real Independent Candidate is Urgently Needed By Greg Orman and Patrick H. Caddell  Grassroots Americans are challenging the competence, legitimacy, and performance of its governing elite. What we need is a new, real independent candidacy that offers a path apart from the establishment Democratic and Republican parties – a movement that can both represent the rightful discontent of the electorate while offering a new common-sense agenda for uniting our country, reinvigorating the promise of America, and revitalizing the efficacy and competence of our government. This is the only realistic way to break the gridlock in Washington. 


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