Every occupation is a form of ministry

You Are a Priest in God’s Kingdom, by Jimmy Evans, May 7, 2023.

Our roles as priests today, and how the roles will change at the Rapture

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A Biblical Truth. “Every occupation is a form of ministry, and God has given all of us work to do.” The purpose of any product or service is to meet a need. Variation is a natural part of God’s design and represents the gap between the perfect (all needs met) and the imperfect, reflected by the current situation.

The secular quality profession has validated through the Taguchi Loss Function that the closer any product/service gets to the target (more perfect) as defined by the customer, the higher the quality (more needs met) and the lower the cost to the individual and society.

W. Edwards Deming was a world-recognized leader in quality management and a devout Christian. He remarked that if he was to reduce his message to just a few words, it all has to do with reducing variation.

Ironically, the need for continuous quality improvement is an accepted practice in “secular” industries throughout the world, yet little to no awareness that reducing variation is “a form of ministry.”

In the Christian community, the most common statement I hear from pastors and scholars is that continuous quality improvement is just a “business thing” and irrelevant to ministry. In America, “We the People” are responsible for working towards that “ more perfect Union” by reducing variation. Additional context on the topic: https://lnkd.in/edH5C4d


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