A Perfect Individual Performance Assessment

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What is the “perfect” individual performance appraisal or assessment?  The lack of understanding of variation led quality expert W. Edwards Deming to conclude that individual performance appraisals (and grades in school) are among the “deadly diseases” of management.  Variation is a natural part of creation. Mark Hitchcock reinforces that God has identified a two-part individual “performance“ assessment – Heavenly Rewards Episode 70:

  1.  A belief and faith in Jesus Christ result in salvation through grace and eternal life.
  2. Upon our death in this life, recognition and rewards and how we spend eternity are then determined by our stewardship of time, opportunities, and resources earning the accolade “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Good works alone without a belief in Christ “will not” lead to salvation.

Suggested Reading:

Context: Improvement – “,,, it all has to do with reducing variation”

Grades in School:

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