Misc Articles and Notes

Ford Experience with variation – US vs Japan – Transmissions



AQP Scholtes Variation Quote

Walter Shewhart – Research Library and Publications 

Three Questions for Success. The necessity of using operational definitions
Donald J. Wheeler

Deming: The Way We Knew Him Ch 14 Involve Everyone in the Transformation

Deming The Way We Knew Him By Frank Voehl Ch 14

 Bell System Technical Journals = BSTJ Index – 1922-1983


IndianapolisStar_20191010_B001_0 Insight into a defensive masterpiece –

Insight into a defensive masterpiece – How the Colts shut down Mahomes and the Chiefs

Interpreting Deming’s 14 Points, By David “Zuma Dogg” Saltsburg Candidate for Mayor; City of Los Angeles

W. Edwards Deming – Part 1


Dr. Deming: ‘Management Today Does Not Know What Its Job Is’ (Part 2)

  • IW: Quoting from your book [The New Economics (1993, MIT Center for Advanced Engineering Study)], you say, “You can learn a lot about ice and know nothing about water.’ What does that mean?

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