Managing the Refugee Crisis

In his New York Times article, “Will Merkel Pay for Doing the Right Thing?”, Roger Cohen reinforces the fact that leaders lack a Deming-based application framework that can be applied to successfully address the challenging issues.

Dr. Deming remarked that if he was to reduce his message to just a few words, it all had to do with reducing variation. Dr. Deming “implied” a broader description of variation than what he specifically stated in his books Out of the Crisis and The New Economics which focuses more on a statistical frame of reference regarding variation.

Broader description of variation

In applying the broader description of variation, would you conclude that German chancellor Merkel did the right things in order to reduce variation from the ideal?

I agree with Cohen that chancellor Merkel did the right thing but not in the right ways.  Applying the better Deming-based framework would provide all the key stakeholders with a more common language for addressing all aspects of the issue mentioned in the article in the near, mid and long term.

Follow-up –  29 Feb 2016:  Merkel Doubles Down: ‘I Have No Plan B’ On Migrant Crisis

According to Focus, Mrs Merkel said she was convinced she was doing the right thing, despite well over a million people entering Germany last year thanks to her migration policies. She said she was trying to redistribute as many of them as possible to other European countries – through the compulsory migrant quotas system – and claimed to be addressing the problems causing them to enter Europe in the first place.

A community-based process for addressing the refugee crisis applied in Austria: “How do we deal best with the influx of refugees”



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