Christian Nationalism – A Simple Test?

How Much of a Christian Nationalist Are You? Take This Simple Test. Scott Hogenson | Jan 29, 2023

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A different question? What actions by individuals and groups produce the best results for everyone? Variation is a natural part of creation. The Constitution identifies the aim of the U.S. system of government as working towards “a more perfect Union.” There will always be a gap between the current reality and the “perfect” situation.

How do “We the People” (top management) define more perfect? What feedback is needed to assess results? How will we know that a change will result in an improvement?

A Christian worldview supports the premise that actions motivated by love result in more needs being met. This leads to fewer people being harmed by unmet needs. In contrast, more centralization of political power through the erosion of the checks and balances on power has been proven throughout history to result in more harm than good.

The quality profession through the Taguchi Loss Function has validated that the closer you get to “more perfect,”  the higher the quality and the less harm to individuals and society.   Improvement in any aspect of life all has to do with reducing variation. A summary of the concept at the following:


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