A secular and nonsecular approach to improvement

A new apologetic that leverages the interrelationship between Christianity, Citizenship, and Quality Management.

2020_01_01 C2QM Apologetic


Why has the west been so successful?  Ben Shapiro, PragerU.

The Western world has produced some of the most prosperous and most free civilizations on earth. What makes the West exceptional? Ben Shapiro, editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire and author of “The Right Side of History,” explains that the twin pillars of revelation and reason — emanating from ancient Jerusalem and Athens — form the bedrock for Western civilization’s unprecedented success.

God and the Pandemic,  Joel Kotkin, Quillette —  New Strategies Needed?
In short, we may not be witnessing the eclipse of religious life, but rather its reinvention. God may not be dead after all. Instead, He will exist not in great cathedrals, mosques, or synagogues, but on the screens that increasingly shape our lives.

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